Geography Seminar Series

Each year, the Department of Geography hosts several seminars to present and discuss recent advances in geography research, from Western and beyond. These seminars consist of:

Geography Speaker Series

Speaker series offers informal talks and discussions on various Geography related issues. It is open to staff, students, faculty and the general public. We are serving complimentary Fair Trade coffee, refreshments and light snacks. Come out and listen to what people are up to!  To be notified by email of upcoming speakers: click here.

  Speaker When & Where Topic & Description
  Dr. Michael Pisaric
Department of Geography
Brock University
 October 24, 2014

Sutama Ghosh, Ph.D. Dr. Sutama Ghosh
Geography Department
Ryerson University
October 17, 2014

Environmental Migration/Urbanization
Presentations Second Year Geography Masters Students September 19, 2014 The 6th Annual Masters Fieldwork Slideshow will showcase some of the many exciting adventures that have taken place over the summer through their fieldwork which covers a wide range of geographic topics. [POSTER]


Graduate Colloquium Series

The purpose of these departmental presentations is for the graduate students present interim results. The intention is to maintain communications with the academic community and to elicit feedback before the final thesis is written. As for all speakers we host, all faculty and graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend.

  Speaker When & Where Topic & Description
Department of Geography Western University


Critical Reading Seminar Series

A volunteer graduate student will critically examine and discuss a recent geography article with other grad students and faculty members. The seminar is aimed to foster critical thinking, discussion and engagement with the literature, with your fellow graduate students and with faculty. Come out and enjoy the fun!

  Moderator When & Where Topic & Description


Workshop Series

Workshops aim to teach geographical skills and improve professional development of graduate students and faculty alike. Workshops are open to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. However, enrolment may be limited for some workshops.

Instructor When & Where Topic & Description
Jay Lee

Dr. Jay Lee
Geography Department
Kent State University


2:00 PM
Friday October 3, 2014
ROOM 1059
Spatial Statistics

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