Rachel Bezner Kerr

Adjunct Research Professor


Contact Information

E-mail 1: rbeznerkerr@uwo.ca

E-mail 2: rbeznerkerr@cornell.edu

Research Areas

International development, focusing on the region of southern and eastern Africa.

Research Interests

My primary research area is in international development, focusing on the region of southern and eastern Africa. Within the broad field of international development, my own areas of specialization are social and environmental inequalities and community-based, participatory research related to agriculture, health and nutrition in Malawi. My research is done in collaboration with smallholder farmers and a hospital in northern Malawi, as part of a participatory research project called ‘Soils, Food and Healthy Communities project’ based out of Ekwendeni Hospital. I have been the Research Coordinator for the Soils, Food and Healthy Communities Project in Malawi for the last five years (see www.soilandfood.org for more information). This multidisciplinary research and development project in Malawi examines the multiple social, environmental and medical aspects of child health and nutrition, involving nutritionists, agricultural scientists, farmers, medical personnel and NGO staff. My own research will focus on four main themes in the coming years:

  1. the linkages between HIV/AIDS affected families, agricultural practices, food security and health, and strategies for improving health and food security of HIV-affected families;
  2. historical and contemporary perspectives on the increased use of drought-tolerant crops such as sorghum and millet;
  3. the role of multinational corporations in shaping agricultural policy and programming in southern Africa; and
  4. participatory educational processes to improve child nutrition, food security and soil fertility.

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Publications & Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

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Chapters in Books

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Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students Year Title
D. Najjar
2015 Women and Access to Land in Egypt's New Lands
H. Nyantakyi-Frimpong 2014 Hungry Farmers: A Political Ecology of Agriculture and Food Security in Northern Ghana
I. Ajibade
2013 Climate Change and Human Rights: A Case Study of Vulnerability and Adaptation in Coastal Communities in Lagos, Nigeria
MA Students Year Title
J. Vansteenkiste 2011 Participatory action research on food security with urban women in Cap Haitien, Haiti: A feminist political ecology approach
B. Curry
2008 Geographies of Infant Feeding Decisions
L. Riley
2008 Children's Geography and the Everyday Lives of Orphans in Malawi
MSc Students Year Title
F. Mambulu
2014 Agricultural Interventions as a Means to Food Security: Experiences of HIV/AIDS affected Household
E. Chilanga
2013 Assessing the Impact of Nutrition Education on Gender Roles and Child Care in Northern Malawi