Study: Primary-care proximity equitable in city

"Led by Western professor Jason Gilliland, a team of researchers looked at accessibility to a primary-care provider – either a family doctor or nurse practitioner – based on distribution and geographical proximity in London". Read more.

Canadian Space Agency launches new interactive activity with contributions from Western Geographers

Exploring Earth uses the photos taken by Saint-Jacques to show the distinctive geological and man-made features on Earth and the activity explains the science behind them. New photos and blogs with some contributions from Western Geographers will be added weekly. Read more.

Gabor Sass named on the mayor's annual New Year's honour list

Dr. Gabor Sass was among those being honoured for their contributions to London. Sass made the list due to his approach to food management and sustainability. Read more.

Dr. Gordon McBean speaks on adapting to climate change fallout.

Dr. Gordon McBean, one of Canada's original climate change activists and IPCC Co-Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, says it's time to start adapting to the reality of a warming world. Read more.

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