Karen Van Kerkoerle, Western’s Cartographic Specialist - Go-to technical and philosophical mapmaking artist

Responsible for creating and constantly amending official maps of Western, Karen Van Kerkoerle, Western’s Cartographic Specialist, is also the go-to person when faculty across a range of disciplines need maps, templates and custom illustrations to help add breadth and context to their work. Read more

Becky Ellis (PhD Candidate) shares her thoughts on community gardens

"Avid gardener and Byron resident Becky Ellis thinks her neighbourhood is the perfect spot to build London's newest community garden. Gardens, she said, aren't just about growing fruits and vegetables, but also about growing connections — something many people in the car-dependent neighbourhood are hungry for." Read more.

Study led by former Geography graduate finds food waste has become a way of life for many Londoners

Paul van der Werf is lead author of a new study that shows Londoners throw out the equivalent of six meal portions per week, for a wasted household cost of about $600 per year. Read more.

Professor Gilliland’s team finds strong link between air pollution and adverse birth outcomes

A new publication by researchers from Western’s Human Environments Analysis Lab provides evidence of a strong association between exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes. “This is the first study in Southwestern Ontario to investigate the association between air pollution and adverse outcomes, while also considering the other determinants of health, including socioeconomic, medical, psychosocial and behavioural-related factors,” explained Geography Professor and HEAL Director Jason Gilliland, who was senior author of the study. Read more

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