2019 - A year in review

For details on the highlights of the Western Geography Department from 2019, please take a look at our department newsletter. We will continue to publish a newsletter once a year to keep you up-to-date. Read more

Michael Buzzelli and Leora Swartzman host experiential learning roundtable

Experiential learning (EL) connects learners with practical experiences to increase and apply disciplinary knowledge, develop transferable skills and collaborate with communities. But how does EL reshape the teaching and learning mission of the university? Does this recast the ‘town and gown’ connection? Read the proceedings of an EL roundtable held at Western with faculty, staff, students and community partners. Read more

Angelica Lucaci honoured with Western Award of Excellence

Geography's Undergraduate Assistant and Program Advisor, Angelica Lucaci, has been selected as one of this year's recipients of the Western Award of Excellence. This award is Western’s highest level of recognition for staff members and focuses on exemplary service, creativity and innovation, the ability to share knowledge and expertise and their capacity to foster their values of integrity and respect across campus. Read more

Western-led youth advisory council calls to prohibit vaping in schools

London’s youth are troubled by the rising prevalence of vaping in public schools. The HEAL Youth Advisory Council (HEALYAC) informs youth-related health research conducted by the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL) at Western University. The HEALYAC recommendations are based on a careful review of existing research and the students own personal experiences as teens. Read more

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