When did life have a chance on Mars? After giant meteorites stopped hitting it 4.4 billion years ago

Associate professor, Desmond Moser, jointly appointed with Geography and Earth Sciences published a paper in Nature Geoscience exploring an early opportunity for habitability on Mars. According to the study, life could have found a way to establish on Mars 4.48 billion years ago, with the decline of giant meteorite impacts. News of the publishing of this paper was picked up by CNN. Read more.

Geography alumnus counts self among Raptors originals

Western Geography "alumnus Karl Toulouse, BA’09, has been courtside for the Toronto Raptors since day one. Toulouse, who has also helped coach the Mustangs men’s lacrosse team for 12 years, has been a statistician for the Raptors for the last 24 seasons." Read More

July's Wiki Tuesday Event: Adding maps to the Wikimedia Commons

Join Matt Barry as he addresses the question "why should we care about Wikidata in the Commons?" There will be a short lesson on how to integrate Wikidata with uploaded images of maps, followed by hands-on help adding Western Libraries' London Historic Maps Collection to Wikimedia Commons. Read More

Paul van der Werf’s PhD thesis wins 2019 Starkey-Robinson Award from the Canadian Association of Geographers

"Congratulations to HEAL Project Advisor Dr. Paul van der Werf, who received the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) ‘Starkey-Robinson Award for Graduate Research on Canada’, which recognizes high quality graduate research." Read More

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